Dictate running pace to motor

Brand new maker here! I'm working on a project where I want a motor to turn a wheel at a certain running pace or speed.

Everything I'm finding so far is only to measure the current speed but I'm wanting to dictate the speed and keep it steady for a certain amount of time (for example, 2 minutes at an 11-minute-mile pace).

I'm thinking I could have the motor spin the wheel and measure the speed of the wheel with a hall effect sensor, then write code that tells the motor to stay at that speed once the wheel hits the predetermined speed.

Any thoughts on what sensors and effectors would be best? Or even specific terminology I can search to find similar projects?

Even before you consider a speed sensor, explain the motor and how you adjust the speed.

If the load is not varying significantly a constant PWM gives quite the same RPM every time.
Running the motor, noticing the correspondence between PWM and RPM, the PWM values can often be hardcoded.

And the wheel size.

Roughly how quickly do you need the wheel to rotate? It might be possible to use a stepper motor, which will allow precise control of speed.

If not, then a feedback system of the type you describe is a good idea.

As @Railroader says, if the load never varies, then you might get close enough without using any feedback, just by controlling the power feed to the motor.

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