did anybody manage to install USB driver for arduino due

I fallow all the instructions to update, browse to the right directory (drivers for arduino).

It says that the best driver is already installed.

But I have the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark and it says "the device cannot start error 10"

I tried on Wind 10 and XP, the same problem.

I do not know what is going on they sell the board but looks there is no working USB driver.

Did you select the DUE board in Menu>Tools>Type of board>Arduino DUE(Programming Port) or Arduino DUE(Native USB Port) ?

I selected programming port like the instruction says.

The LED is on and blinking so the board is good.

The computer does not even detected that something is connected to the usb port.

I did not have problem with other boards, uno, mega.

Sometimes, when you have the error message "No device on COM port ", you can solve the issue this way:

1/ push the erase button for 3 seconds, then the reset button for 3 seconds, select the correct COM port and upload your sketch.

2/ If there is still the error message, go to:

Menu>File>preferences. At the bottom of the Preferences window, there is an URL C:\Users\yourname\AppData.... click on this URL then select :

packages > arduino>hardware>sam and delete the sam folder.

Then go back to the IDE window, and select Menu>Tools>Type of board>board manager

In Arduino Sam boards (32-bits ARM Cortex M3) select More info, and select and install the last Sam version.

Close the IDE window and reopen the IDE window. Now the error message should have disappeard, select the correct COM port and the arduino DUE board, upload your sketch.

thanks for your help

it was the damn stupid USB cable, I had the micro USB cable working on camera. It was sitting it drawer for a few years. I got a new one from computer store, the best they had. And all is working.

First I though maybe the Due board it came from China but it says made in Italy so it must be some counterfeit