did anybody managed to get bigger touch TFT working like 800 x 480 ?

I got those 480 x 320 mcufriend working pretty well after spending some to learn.

I wonder if there is something bigger with support and library to connect.

SSD1963 and RA8875 displays are 800x480.

SSD1963 is supported by UTFT (and MCUFRIEND_kbv as a SPECIAL)

All SSD1963 displays require 21 level-shifters just for the TFT if you want to use a 5V MEGA2560.
There are Adapter Shields for 40-pin SSD1963 modules. Both for MEGA2560 and DUE.
BuyDisplay have their own Adapters.

You have to be very careful when configuring the Adapters. Sainsmart and others often come with inappropriate jumper settings.


let me clarify if I plug in SSD1963 use MCUFRIEND_kbv is it going to light up right away. I found them on ebay for $50. it might be worth giving a try.

Buy an Adapter Shield first.

No, MCUFRIEND_kbv needs USE_SPECIAL and USE_MEGA_16BIT_SHIELD edits before you can use 16BIT


Something more advanced like EVE2 or EVE3

EVE2 NewHaven Display 7" (800x480 px)
Riverdi TFT display 7" (800x480 px) EVE2 and EVE3
Matrix Orbital EVE2-70G
Gameduino 3 7" (800x480 px)

Some EVE2 (and maybe EVE3: like NHD, Riverdi or Matrix orbital) can be manage with this boards

MCU: teensy 3.5/3.6, ESP32, ES8266, UNO, MEGA, Due, Core/XXI (STM32 F746), Nucleo F767ZI, M4DEMO (F407ZG), DISCO-F429ZI, F407ZE

Arduino IDE 187 with generic core of Danieleff: Nucleo F767ZI + NHD 7" (800x480)

does anyone have a simply copy and paste test code they can share, would be very happy

7" TFT MS070SD (Generic Chinese Touch LCD) + CTE Shield (has SD capability) and Arduino DUE, works wonders. Uses http://www.RinkyDinkElectronics.com/ UTFT_CTE library + URtouch library. Had to tweak a bit but works great nevertheless.

We offer a 7" 800x600 EVE2 SPI TFT and with a PCAP touch screen

with a great little EVE2 Arduino Shield

Most important, example code:

EVE2 Library
Rotary Encoder and EVE2 TFT
EVE2 Arduino School

I hope this helps! I have another very simple Arduino + DHT22 + EVE2 SPI TFT demo I made recently that I have not uploaded yet.