Did he really say that?

Maybe it's all CGI but I thought I heard the smartest guy in the world try to use the image of George Floyd in heaven being happy he was F___ING MURDERED because people got together to protest the fact.

What kind of sick reptile does it take to come up with crap like that? We have an answer or was it a Real Fake or the Fraud his-damned-self?

Ugghh, looking at this from up north, there's nothing anyone can say, but sure looking forward to Nov 3! (I think).

Howya like Trudeau now? At least he has a live soul.

Yes he is better than the smartest man on earth, quite a low bar though.

That photo on the right can't be too old, he's not that old. Idiot. Was he drunk, high or both?

If that's the worst you got on him, you must really hate his policies!

The point is being two faced just like the smartest man on earth.

The comments out of his mouth is about the privilege allotted him as he grew up, then out comes past transgressions which were kept from the voting public, then he was forced to make acknowledgement, apologies and sunny ways.

Like oh so many others there is a rebirth and then a second coming and enlightenment just like the smartest man on earth.

He and his father raped the western half of our country.

A bit younger, a different country, but cut from the same cloth as the king of the USA.

I knew I heard that name long before this one could have been out of school.

Have you any environmental protection? Ours that took decades to get passed have effectively vanished.
Has your deficit more than doubled since your clown took office? And does his base not see "the boom" as borrow and spend?
Did he jack your trade around until your country pays more for just about everything?
Did he solidly blow off the pandemic and mismanage preparations for it?
If so, does he continue to do so?
Does he act and speak like he's more than 10 and not 'slow'?
Do you ever wonder when yours will declare himself dictator for life?

Okay you win. :wink:

Somebody please be kind enough to satisfy my ignorance and curiosity ...

Who is supposed to be "the smartest guy in the world" ?

What is he alleged to have said?


It was another of Trimpets associated quotes Robin.
So smart he took action to prevent his schools from releasing his grades and reports.

If you were so clever you would not care who knew, but if you were a dimwit you may want to hide the fact.
At least thats my thinking.

General consensus is he or his old man bought his way through school.

It was another of Trimpets associated quotes Robin.

Maybe I overslept for a couple of weeks and missed all the fun, but who is "Trimpet"?


Trumpet cos he is always blowing his own horn...twas a tie-po

Smartest person . . .

Great day for George . . .

Close to zero:

Many thanks


The One With The Smartest Person is really goood. "Putin did call me a genius..."
;D :smiley: :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :cry:

Okay you win. :wink:

But we're so tired of winning.

General consensus is he or his old man bought his way through school.

The older brother, Fred, got into Wharton on merit while The Donald started at a less noteworthy school and for some reason the old man bought a whole new building for something like 5 million and The Donald entered Wharton as an undergrad.

He has his base convinced that he walked the walk he talked. Other people point out that The Donald never made the Dean's List at Wharton, which is public information. Making the Wharton's Dean List means having averaged a high B. I would have thought that a rich boy with money to buy homework and papers could manage a high B but seeing as how GWB who did buy "help" was a C average at Harvard so I guess that rich boys can't simply buy grades at prestigious schools and maybe have to take and flunk their own tests. Comparing speech and lie frequency I'd say that GWB is smarter than DJT but less ruthless, crude and low which is why the Republicans had Cheney as his vice. Hey, Trump in office is a symptom of a much deeper political disease.


But we're so tired of winning.

Your Karma just hit 666.

And he resides in Arizona. At this moment in human history that cannot be a good combination.

Considering he had it > a month ago....