Did I buy the right thing? ... New to forum!


Well I am a long time techie but a beginner in electronics and really new to Arduino. Been around the tech world a LONG time (Commodore Vic 20 was my “first”) yet amazingly never heard of Arduino until I saw a silly Radio Shack ad in WIRED magazine last month. Looked like something pretty cool so I did some research and was amazed to see the sheer number of Arduino users in the world! Anyway, I enjoy tinkering with programming and this looks like a ton of fun so I decided to order one. First stop was E-Bay and they were loaded with kits. A bit of research and next thing I know I’m ordering a kit direct from China.

So I guess step one was introducing myself to the board - With that said - Hello world!

Second item was I wanted to see if I got the right kit. I had no idea so I went with what looked like best bang for the buck and most flashy since my seven year old it totally into this stuff I thought we could work on it together…here is what I purchased can I get some feedback as to if it was good/bad/too much/too advanced or most importantly am I missing something??

Thanks so much and glad to be on board (pun intended!)

Arduino ATmega328 DIY Kit lcd LM35 Remote Matrix LED ($53)
Package Include:

1 X Arduino Duemilnove ATmega 328 board
1 X Prototyping Shield
1 X Mini breadbord
1 X bundle Breadboard Jump Wires (Approximately 65 pcs)
1 X 9v power adapter
1 X 40Pin Straight Male Headers
1 X Universal board

1 X IR Remote Control
1 X IR Sender
1 X Infrared Receiver
1 X LM35 Temperature Sensor
1 X Ambient Light sensor
1 X Tilt switch sensor

1 X 8x8 Matrix LED Display (red color Common anode )
1 X 1602 LCD Dispaly ( default blue one, or you can choose the green one)
1 X 7seg-4digit LED Display
1 X Rotary Potentiometer
1 X Buzzer
10 X Mini Push Button

10 X Red LED 3mm
10 X Yellow LED 3mm
10 X Green LED 3mm
10 X 220? Resistors
10 X 1 k? Resistors
10 X 10 k? Resistors
1x High quality electronic tool plastic Box

Email Lessons and User Manuals

Welcome to the Arduino world!

As far as getting the “right” kit, that’s just a matter of perspective. It looks like your kit is geared up for making projects listed in their book, which is a good way to get your feet wet. Soon, you’ll want to venture off into your own project, and that’s where you’ll find this place handy to bounce ideas off of the membership here.

Good Luck!

Sounds like a good starting point. Keep in mind that as you grow in knowlege and experiance you will be in a better position to know what advantages and disadvantages all the component and module choices offer. But for getting ones' feet wet in basic electronics interfacing you should take advantage of the structured use of the manual and kit of parts supplied.

Good luck and welcome to the Arduino world, you are among friends.