Did I destroy my GPS Shield?

I accidentally connected TX from the GPS shield to TX on my UNO, and RX to RX, likewise (while the mode switch was set to Direct). I can’t find any information on what this might have done, but now i get the error:

when I try to upload in Direct mode. Sketches will upload fine in Soft Serial Connect Mode, but now I barely see any data in the Serial Monitor. The fact that I can still upload in Soft Serial Mode tells me maybe I burned something up in the Direct mode circuit. The fact that I no longer get the long jibberish data flow in Soft Serial mode that I had been getting, tells me it goes deeper than that. Did I destroy my UNO? Did I destroy the shield? Please help me understand what has happened!

I accidentally connected TX to TX, RX to RX on my new GPS Shield, did I destroy it!?

No, that is called a "loop back" and rarely does any damage.


...well that's super good news, and I really appreciate your response - so do I need to conduct some sort of reset function to get back the previous functionality?

[Update] I disconnected everything, waited a few minutes, and powered it back up with nothing but the shield on the UNO, and it's back to normal. This is the second time an issue like this has just disappeared, is there some sort of overvoltage protection or post-overvoltage delay circuitry? Maybe a stupid question, but I hate problems that fix themselves, as I go through all the fear and anxiety and don't even get a 'lesson learned' afterwards...

s there some sort of overvoltage protection or post-overvoltage delay circuitry?

Yes! Lucky you. Seriously, the USB port on the PC has a current limit of 500mA ... For USB 2.0 and the Arduino power jack ius fused with a resetable fuse. The microprocessor has rail diodes for static and low-current overloading, but they will not withstand abuse.

I suspect everyone has fried a 328 chip at one time or another... At least the UNO is socketed! Thee boards with surface mounted chips are a difficult fix.

Oh, welcome to Arduino.




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Oh, okay - Thanks for that. I'm not just new to Arduino, but forums in general, so I'll take all the help I can get. Again, seriously appreciate it. XD

Repurposing old boards? That is how I started in the early 1970's!

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