Did I fried my arduino nano?

Recently I got a arduino nano.
It worked perfectly,but one day it never showed up on my pc. Not in the IDE not int the device manager.
I have a arduino uno and that shows up.
Please help


are you using the same cable and USB port for both Arduinos?

If so then the cable and port should be OK.

Does anything change if you view device mananger on the PC and then plug in the Nano?


Im not using the same cable beacuse its impossible, the arduino nano has a smaller, the arduino uno has a bigger cable.
I tried changing ports, cables but non of them worked.
The device manager does nothing


Oops, sorry, it's my age, I forget things!

Can you try a different cable for the Nano?

One that you know is working on other devices?


I tried changing cables as I said in my post but non of them worked
And I tried it on another pc but I doesent worked