Did I fry it?

Hello everyone,


I have two brandnew 2009 arduino's here with me (atm. 328, selected ok in the ide). I am able to upload sketches on one but no on the other. When I plug it, I see tx and rx flashing a little and then the program on the atmega starts. my pc (vista) does not seem to see that an Arduino is plugged and the port doesn't show up in the IDE. I have tried to reboot several times. Did I fry the ftdi chip? I did not do anything particular, just plug an xbee shield (same behavior w/ or w/o)

Anything I can do to test what's wrong? Any suggestion at all? I have been unpluggin the usb cable w/o doing anything on vista.

Please, help. Best Regards

I tried to connect the arduino+xbeeshield with the xbeeshield jumpers to xbee to my laptop and the pc does recognize them (Creating an other COM for them..) but if I connect the arduino+xbees. with the jumpers in the usb setting it doesn't recognize it. Same thing if i connect the arduino alone.

if the ftdi chip was fried how can it communicate.. i think something else is wrong..! no?


Solved. its the freakin USB jumper..the rx/tx should be cut inside! AH!! this is a relief! ;D

I am basically talking to myself.. :o arduino is harmful to your mental health :P

Please elaborate on the fix you found. I have an Arduino Duemilanove USB board on order to start playing with next week.