Did I fry my Dccduino?

I was putting together a dual motor system with a new L298H bridge with a 22v power current. I removed a jumper from the H bridge like I was supposed to, but didn't notice that the jumper came apart...the metal inside stayed behind, I ended up with the plastic sheath still in my fingers. I hooked up the power supply and plugged my USB cord into my laptop. Everything lit up, motors turned and the laptop shut down. Now my Dccduino has the On, the RX and the X1 lights on constantly. I've tried some of the various resets and all. When I start my Arduino program, it shows at the bottom that I'm on COM4, but going to Tools, the Port selection is greyed out and there's no communication with the board when I try to Upload. I'll look back on this when I'm more learned on the Arduino and laugh, but right now I'm kicking myself

The same happened to my Leonado.. Im wondering what would have happened.

Does the board still run the original program loaded to it?

It doesn't run anything. I plug it in and the lights come on immediately. I've let it sit for a good 15 minutes and they never go off or blink.

Well, looks like you have fried it...

That's what I was afraid of. It's not even recognizing it on the port. All the lights stay and and I can't upload a sketch to it to even test it. Oh well...ebay here I come