Did I fry the USB? (solved)


  • the board serial port does not seem to pop up when i connect it to the PC.

  • When I power via usb the board turns on but as soon as the led strip attavhed to it turns on the leds are reddish like all channels don't get fed proper power and i think the board freezes.


Can I fix this board easilly? what is the cause? what burned out?

Can i avoid this, by wiring the power to the leds separate from the board and solder that power lead to a board input instead of going through the usb?

cause :confused: :

I was trying to gauge how much I can draw with 120 leds, with the usb power on 1A power bank. It worked for a few minutes then died. :(


Where did you have the LEDs connected? To the 5V pin or another output? If you connected all of them to a digital pin, this pin should be dead now. Have you tried to power the board with a power supply instead of USB? Arduino has an automatic 500mA fuse on the USB, power supply jack doesn't have this protection. You should try to connect it to PC without the LEDs too.

the led strip was comnected normally, power connected to the gnd ans 5v pins, and the data line to pin 6

if there is a fuse maybe i can locate it and replace or short it?

this is an arduino nano…


this thread is informative, looking for google pix to find a nano fuse...

I have not found what diode to replace, but i rewired the power directly and is working again.

thanks for the infos.