Did I just fry my computer?

Hi I was working with my Arduino Uno connected to my laptop.........

And long story short, I accidentally grounded a 24V input into the Arduino and it was smoking for approximately a second.

Then my computer (Lenovo Y50) shut down and will not turn back on again.

I think my board is dead, because it cant be recognized by my desktop, even though the light goes on when I plug it in.

And my laptop wont turn on even when connected to a charger.

Is there any hope for me?

Have you got a good repair budget? That laptop is unlikely to have replaceable modules.

Most likley you have fried the USB port in your laptop which means theres a dead short on the laptops Power Supply which is why it wont power up.
Not much hope unless you are good at desoldering surface mount chips.

Just in case, try removing the laptop battery for a minute.

I had the same problem with my macbook pro
It pops up a notification that the current on the usb port was too high.
Second time i tried it it shut down and when pressing the power button it booted up!, i think jou should check if your usb ports are short-circuit protected!