Did I just kill my Arduino Uno?

I am a beginner programmer and electronics enthusiast. I was recently working on a stoplight program and when I uploaded it to my Uno, it began lighting up my connected leds without command. I programmed it to light up when I pushed a button, but it would sometimes stay on even when I disconnected the button from its specified pin number. I checked my wires and resistors to make sure everything was connected properly, but the problem continued. I double checked my code that previously worked the week before. Finally I decided to upload the Button template and I was encountering the same exact problem. Suddenly, I noticed that when my hand got close to the board, it would turn on, exactly like the video below. I assume it is because of static electricity (I was wearing a static prone shirt and it has been really dry in the Midwest). I took off the shirt and brought the Arduino to a different area and plugged it into the wall using a wall wart. The problem never stopped. Does this mean my Arduino is no longer functional or is there a solution? How do I prevent it?

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mu8jdQ-vII

That is normal when you don’t have a program loaded on the Arduino that uses pin 13 as an output. Pin 13 is floating, and the LED may turn on or off or glow dim depending on temperature, close proximity of other parts or body parts. Google “floating pin” to learn more about it. I recommend working your way through the Adafruit Arduino online lessons, they are pretty good, google “adafruit arduino lesson 0”.