Did I just killed my laptop connecting a 9v battery to my arduino?


I've been working on an Arduino project over the weekend. This afternoon, when I got in class, I decided to plug my Arduino and import the final version of my code into my Arduino Uno. Once uploaded, I decided to plug a 9v battery into my breadboard. As soon as I plugged it, my laptop which was still connected via usb shut down. I can't turn it back on anymore.

The Arduino was connected to the breadboard via the 5v and gnd plugs (going to + and - respectively). The 9v battery was connected to the breadboard with the positive going to + and the negative going to -.

Is my laptop totalled? Is there anything I can do before sending it to Acer?


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Don't go hooking up a 9v battery to 5v any more.

Laptops are pretty resilient, so it may be OK if you try turning it on later, like tomorrow. It may have a polyfuse that will reset itself.

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Full powercycle. If battery is removable, take it out, wait, and put it back in. Try the long-press of power button as well.

This may resolve it. Or you may have physically damaged the laptop - not much of an endorsement of their design around the USB ports, but Acer is notorious for cutting corners, so that's nothing surprising.

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