Did I kill my Arduino Mini?

Hello guys,

So I've been uploading sketches to my Arduino Mini like there's no tomorrow. I use a small 4-pin usb ftdi board to program the little Arduino which has the standard USB pinout 5V , GND, TX & RX. However, one time instead of connecting 5V & GND from programmer to the 5V & GND of the Arduino, I connected GND of USB to 5V of Arduino and 5V of USB to RX of Arduino (because they are oh so close to each other!!)

Now I try to upload new sketches but to no avail. The IDE gives me "out of sync error" and is stuck on the last program I uploaded before my blunder! Of course I tried a different USB port on my PC and used the other TX/RX of the Arduino but no luck.

Did I just kill my dear Mini? Is there a way to revive this young man?

If you connect Rx to Tx on the programmer, does the loopback test work?

If not, maybe just the USB/Serlal adapter is toast.

Thanks CrossRoads for your input.

I did try the loopback test and it did not work. I tried the USB/Serial Adapter on another Arduino Mini and it worked.

Seems like it is just a dead Mini. Maybe I can try to re-burn the bootloader but that's not gonna happen any time soon because I have no time.

Thanks again mate.

Could be dead then. I have 3 that I fried, one with a loose 12V wire that bumped a pin, another had an external device fail and I think took out the serial lines. 3rd, no idea, may have been another 12V incident.
I have some TQFP parts, one of these days will have time to use hot air station & replace them.
Fighting my way thru turbotax this weekend ...

I don't know why the Mini is completely devoid of any kind of current/voltage protection. I understand the space limitation, but surely such essential circuitry should not be ignored.

Good luck with your turbotax.