Did I possibly fry all of my LED's?

I am currently working on a project that has a WS2812B LED Strip and I forgot to put a 330-ohm resistor that connects to the data line. All of the LED's on the strip then turned white and after placing in the 330-ohm resistor, all of the LED's still remained white.

I tried changing the color of the LED strip only to get random colors but all the LED's were mostly white and changing to random colors. I already tried changing the board, swapping the resistors, and even taking out a piece of the LED's and soldering a new connection for Data input. I already know my code works as all it does is turn the strip on and off and it has worked in the past.

So is it possible that I fried all the data inputs of the LED strips? If not, what could be the issue?

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We've all made that mistake, or one similar to it, several times. Chalk it up to experience, buy a new strip and triple check all connections, every time you put together something new.

How is the strip powered? How many LEDs?

The strip is powered by power supply that outputs 5 volts and 10 amps, only the data pin is connected to the Arduino.

Literally only the data pin? What about ground?

Oh yeah ground is connected to the power supply too. I forgot to mention that sorry. So power and ground is connected to the power supply and the data is connected to the arduino.

Can you cut out the first LED in the chain?

I did that. I cut the first 6 leds and soldered in a new joint that is connected from the data input to the arduino.

Then I don't know... sorry...

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It's okay. Thank you for helping tho! I was just mostly wondering if I destroyed/fried all of the data inputs/outputs on the LED strips

If you have indeed damaged the strip, which seems very likely, continuing to try to use it may damage the Arduino.

You may not draw more than about 20 mA from an output pin on an Arduino Uno, and much less from some of the newer Arduinos.