Did I totally wasted money buying this cheap LCD ?


I bought it because it is the size I want but with 40 pins staring back at me and a mysterious SD Card reader in it, I have no idea which pin to connect to which.

It would be nice if it can display images stored in the SD Card but I did not find any Arduino library for HX8347-A :frowning:

Not to mention even if I do have the library [which I don’t], how do I wire this thing in the first place ?

Should I throw this LCD away ?

found this datasheet - http://www.displayfuture.com/engineering/specs/controller/HX8347.pdf -

hopes that helpes writing the library ;)

Most stuff they supplied, surprisingly a lot, are here, right below the pictures on the ebay link:


I checked out one file and it is in Chinese. It says the MCU needs to have 512bytes of memory min and the SD card is limited to 2G and formatted in FAT16 for the code to run. That is the pdf that unzips into a file 577,910bytes in size. The program is also in the document. most other stuff are in English.

Gosh I don't understand Chinese at all. No Chinese gene in me, ha ha ha

I am an Arduino user, not really a programmer. Hence I wouldn't be able to create my own "library" anytime soon.

I am giving up on this chip and buying another that comes with a shield that allow me to plug in the Arduino directly :(

What are the requirements of this display you need for your arduino project? That display is definitely more difficult to use than some other ones.


Do you need color? Do you need graphic or are characters fine? Do you need touch screen? How many arduino pins do you have left after other parts of your project is connected to arduino? Do you need a keypad with the display? Do you have a size limit?

Basically I would like it to be able to play images/videos [ok maybe just images] from the SDCard that was part of the LCD.

I don't need the touch screen though that would be nice but I don't need it.

My Arduino will not be connected to anything else, I will have one dedicated Arduino just for this LCD.

Call it an Arduino photo frame if you will.

It looks like Iteadstudio has a shield for your LCD: http://iteadstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=149 Check documentation, I have no experience, just have been looking around for myself at their chip lcd + touch screens. http://iteadstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=57_58

Declaimer: I'm not affiliated with iteadstudio.

BTW, you can offer the LCD for sale or exchange locally on the bar/sports board if you want to recoup some investment.