Diecimila Board Not Uploading

I've looked around the forum, but nothing has helped.

When I try to upload a program to the Diecimila board, The L light blinks, then the TX and RX blink a couple times, and then the TX just blinks constantly without stopping. Then the program and board hangs and doesn't stop blinking.

I tried changing the COM ports, checking for firewalls, etc. But nothing came to a solution.

I've uploaded many times before and this just started happening out of no where.

Any possibility I might have damaged the board?

Any help is appreciated.

What operating system are you on?

Try setting upload.verbose to true in your Arduino preferences file (you can find the location in the preferences dialog). Edit the file when the Arduino software’s not running, then run it and try uploading again. What messages do you get?

What if you just connect the board and open the serial monitor? Do you see any data arriving?

What have you been doing with the board? Do you think there’s a chance you might have damaged it?

Have you installed anything new on your computer lately? Can you try it on a different computer?

I tried 3 different computers. All 3 running Windows XP SP2.

I adjusted the text file in the preferences and that still didn't make a difference.

After opening up the serial monitor, I did see data similar like what I would see on my serial LCD. But that was just the program I had uploaded before hand.

I'm using this board to create an automotive temperature/turbo boost reader. The thing is, the program was working while I was testing it in the car and driving around. And all of the sudden the program started glitching and stopped reading data. I might have physically damaged the board b/c the wires were not completely and tightly installed on the board. So from time to time a wire or two would come out while driving around. Especially the ground. Something must have tripped or short circuited and ruined the board.

I guess the only thing I can do is buy another board and be careful next time.

You might try just replacing the chip first. Or buying a USBtinyISP or AVR ISP and reburning the bootloader on the chip you've got. It sounds like the rest of the board may be more or less okay.

The ATMEGA168 is only 5 bux on sparkfun. How would I go about replacing the chip if it is already saudered on the board?

On the Diecimila, the ATmega168 is in a socket, so you can just pop it out with a screwdriver (or at least, that's what I use).

I'd recommend buying the ATmega168 from adafruit industries, Modern Device Company, or, in Europe, from PCB Europe, since they come with the Arduino bootloader already on them. If you buy it from Sparkfun, you'll also need a programmer to burn the bootloader onto the chip.