diecimila input voltage limitation

hello all

your newest design looks very well - congratulations.

my question to this new board is around the input voltage. you strictly recommend in maximum 12v as an input voltage. but why exactly?
in the datasheet it is rated with an absolute maximum of 20v. and i would like to use a battery with 16v. how did you calculate this 12v? i am very interested to hear the reasons about.

thanks for a hint


hey, where are all the experts? at the ars electronica, ok, but no time for an answer…?

would be very interesting to hear some explanations. thanks!

I had a look at the datasheet for the Volatge Regulater and it mentions an input voltage of 20 V,
the maximum output current of the regulater depends on the input voltage too!
With a input voltage of 16 V you can only draw a little more than 200mA from the regulator.
At the 12V recommended but the Arduino you can draw 400mA.

So it all depends on what you hook up to the Arduino board.

Accordingly to Gianluca, while the regulator has a maximum of 20V input, that assumes it’s been mounted with a proper heatsink or fan, which there wasn’t room for on the Arduino. We’ve only tested them up to 12V, and if you power it at 16V you might burn a hole in your PCB (or table).