Diecimila program lost when PC reboots

Is this supposed to happen?

I have a Diecimela running script serialio.ver42 plugged into the usb port of a Linux box. Everything works great but when I reboot the Linux box the Diecimela seems to lose the serialio script. Is this normal? Is there a way to avoid this?


That shouldn't happen. Make sure that the PC doesn't send any data to the board when it reboots. You might want to unplug the board before rebooting. Did you try unplugging and reconnecting the board to see if the program was really lost?

I did notice the tx rx lights blink a few times during the bootup process. I don't have any problems if I unplug the arduino from the PC and then reboot. If I leave the arduino plugged in and reboot I have to reload the script everytime. I am currently using Suse 10.2. Does anyone else have a similar issue?