diecimila without external power circuit

Hi, I purchased diecimila bare board and solderd all components except ckt which is related to external power supply as I want to run that board only from USB. Somehow sketch does is not starting. If I put same processor (ATMEG168) to board with complete circuit, it works fine. Is this expected? From schematics, as long as I am using jumper, external power supply circuit is independant of USB power source.

Is this expected?

No you must have something wrong with your construction of your setup.

all components except ckt

What is a ckt?

Thanks for the reply. Aactually I am not having stock for MC3326D nor I need external power supply. So I want to use only USB power. I checked voltage levels at all points in my circuit and looks like clock is fading away. I do not have CRO to confirm this but for 2-3 seconds after I connect USB, I see some voltage across 16MHz Crystal but it soon fades away to zero level....