I have been looking at the Arduino Starter Kit Manual. It uses the Diecimila board, just to confirm, is this board compatible with the Uno or Mega which I have?



Yes. The Uno replaced the Decimila a long time ago. There will only be minor differences - the Uno has a few extra pins which nobody uses anyway.

Thanks for that. I thought they were very similar but needed confirmation.


Brian :slight_smile:

Not quite...

The Diecimilia uses a 168 chip, not a 328, and you need to physically select the power source by jumper.

You can replace the 168 in a Diecimila with a '328P and bootload as an Uno, then select Uno as the board type in the future.

I should have been a little clearer with my question (thanks for your answers by the way). Can I use the Uno or Mega instead of the Diecimila. I am pretty sure the digital pinouts 0-13 are the same.