diemila on macbook with leopard

i’m trying to conect my Arduino Diecimila with the Arduino software, but the only serialports that come up are all bluetooth.
I have downloaded all the drivers and restarted my computer, but still nothing

any ideas ???
does leopard have anything to do with it

You installed the drivers, too, I assume. Have you tried the board on another computer? Does the power LED come on when you plug it in? There are three pins in-between the USB jack and power jack; is the little plastic piece on the two pins nearest the USB jack? Leopard shouldn't be a problem.

hey, :) yes i downloaded the driver.I was able to connect my arduino to other computers. and the power is on. he little plastic thing is still on the usb part you spoke about. and the LED links when i reset the board.

it seems to be the software that is confused. there are only Blutooth-modem and Bluetooth-PDA serial ports.

god, i’m silly, didn’t read that is it’s an intel i need to download the other drivers : )
sorry about that…