Diferent arduinos??

hi, i´ve purchased 2 arduinos and i was comparing them because one works with a sketch and the other doesn´t... and i found this difference..

is this normal?

I don't think those capacitors are even in circuit with the jumpers set for USB. Those capacitors are for an external power supply and I would think both would work on a decent power supply. I would look elsewhere for the source of the problem.

thnx for answering mem!

it is really strange this problem, same sketch, same connections, same led´s.... one works, the other doesn´t.. ::)

i forgot to say... apparently it works ok.... but doesn´t comunicate with MAX :( the other arduino comunicates perfectly!!

some voodoo here?? :o

If you can communicate correctly with both boards when uploading sketches and you are sure that both boards are running the same sketch code, then perhaps its something to do with the way Max is communicating with the com ports. I have no experience with Max so can't be much more help.

It's always voodoo until you figure out the cause of the problem, then its usualy something very simple ;)

yeah! for sure!!
i won´t give up on this, today i will make more tests with max :wink:

thanx mem