Diff. in burning sketch from IDE and direct

I am working on a sketch that burns a led 3 times to show that my program has started. When I do this from within the IDE, this works nice. When I burn the hex with my programmer, the program also starts, but the led blink very dim. I have to keep my hands above the led (on pin 13) to keep it away from (sun)light to be able to see the blinking.

Can anyone explain this?


when burning the bootloader via ISCP, you need to connect the programmer as well as power via the external jack or USB... I usually use a 9V battery on the side.


Thanks Daniel, but I have powered my Arduino with a 9V/450mah power supply and I used a parallel port programmer (STK-200) and got the problems mentioned above.

This setup should have worked, right?

Have you pulled the ICSP out before you power up the Arduino?

Arduino pin 13 goes to atmega168 pin 19 as well as the ICSP pin 3. I assume something in the programmer is drawing down the current. Try changing to an unused digital pin or unplugging the programmer as suggested and powering it up.

This is the procedure I follow: 1. Connect ICSP wire from pc to Arduino (led on pin13 already lights up) 2. Power Arduino with external power supply 3. Burn hex file through ICSP 4. Remove power from Arduino 5. Remove ICSP programmer from Arduino

When I apply power again, I run into this problem.