Difference between AD260 and AD263 instrumentation amplifiers?

Hi all,

I need to purchase an instrumentation amplifier to amplify a voltage drop over a shunt resistance, which should be around 6mV, to 5V (or 1.1V if I decide to use the internal reference of my Arduino Mega). I found 2 affordable alternatives: AD260 and AD263. I am using this to calculate the short-circuit current of a 0.5V/6A cell. Would any of these definitely be a better choice or would both do the job accurately? Thanks!

Is this for the solar cell project you started here.

Seems the 260 is not rail2rail output.

The Mega also has a 2.56volt Aref.

Hi Leo,

It is for that project yes. Indeed rail to rail might be important. I went for the 263, even though the input voltage offset is a little higher.