Difference between LATCH and STR

i buy a two digit 7 segmented with On board drivers and serial I/F with on-board drivers. Synchronous serial interface allows the display to be daisy-chained to form. now i want to make ti a simple score board but the problem is that most of the sample program using latch upon checking the sample schematic that comes with the display has this Digital In, Clock, STR. coding the 7 seg display is getting me confused because the simple interfacing with 7 segmented i cant make with this circuit

STR is probably STRobe which would be the same function as Latch or Load.

Have you been to the website for the hardware you have or googled for the part number?

so it is ok for me to code "int latchPin" or int StrPin?

You can call your variables whatever you like. But that won’t fix a broken sketch.