Difference between several reading pipes or only one reading pipe on NRF24L01

Hello everyone, i have a question regarding several examples that i have seen in different youtube videos.

So i have read that each NRF24L01 Module can communicate with up to 6 modules since it can open up to 6 Reading Pipes, however, what happens if i have 7 Modules writing in same pipe and only one Module reading on that pipe? can it catch the messages from all the modules? If so, can i add on the message a header to identify the origin of the message and with that have one module comunicating with more than 6 modules?
For me it seems that this is the solution to communicate with more than 6 modules.
Does this make any sense to you guys?

Thanks in advance.

No matter what you do, only ONE device can transmit at time! Best solution is to forget pipes and just put an identifying code in the message text. Then you can have as many modules as you want, but they still cannot be transmitting at the same time.

Thanks for the answer, it really helps me clarify my ideas.

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