Difference between two 74hc595's

I have a Texas Instruments SN74HC595N 8 bit shift register and a NXP 74HC595N 8 bit shift register. I am able to do the basic LED lighting using the TI shift register but when I swap it with the NXP, it does nothing. Here are the two datasheets I found:



I'm not terribly tech savvy at the details of these but they seem to be the same to me. Is there something I'm missing? I have multiple of each register from each company so I feel I've ruled out the problem of having bad parts. Any advice would be much appreciated.

How is it wired? SRCLR connected to +5 and OE to GND or a PWM pin?

Yes! I think that must have been it. I could have sworn I tried that through all my messing around but I guess not. Anyway, seems to be working now. Thanks!