Difference between writing out to Console() / Serial ()


This should be obvious question I suppose.

  1. What is the main difference between Writing to Console() or Serial ().

  2. Can I connect to console through WiFi connection ( Not using COM Ports )

  3. How to get the status of Pin: I know we can set the pin to 0/1

Truly appreciate if you can point me to some documentation! / answers

Thanks in advance


  1. Writing to Console is used when you connect to the Yun via WiFi and the Serial is when you have the Yun connected via USB. So example, I need info on a specific variable and my Yun and IDE is connected via WiFi I'll use the Console.Write, if the Yun is connected o the USB port use Serial.

and I don't understand the 2 other questions sorry, I'm still new to the Arduino/Yun community.

Hope it helps