Differences between Nano and Micro in terms of required drivers?


I have compared the pages of the Arduino nano and micro and done a few hours of google searching to no avail.

The question I've been trying to answer is: What are the drivers required to communicate with the Arduino Nano over USB, vs. those required with the Micro? And how is the compilation process different? From what I have gathered, I am reading and guessing (perhaps incorrectly) that:

  • To program both the Nano and Micro on either Windows/Mac/Linux, the Arduino SDK is required for all of them, and one must use the GUI to send the updated program to the device
  • The SDK also installs a driver that allows communication "over USB" by exposing a virtual serial port to the computer (which might randomly turn into a new port when the device is reset)
  • If the Nano is programmed and plugged into another computer without the SDK, one would need to download this driver before one could communicate with pyserial on the new computer, or to install the SDK which auto-installs the driver
  • If the Micro is programmed and plugged into another computer without the SDK, one would NOT need to download this driver if on Linux, and could just use pyserial on the new computer immediately

  • The software reset / recompilation process is the same for both devices, except for the process of holding down the hardware reset button

  • One of the devices may do this more quickly than the other, but I am not sure which

Would someone please be so kind as to confirm and/or correct the many errors in the above? Thank you very much!