Different battery(other than Li-Poly) for Fio

Hi, I was wondering if I can use a different battery other than a Li-Poly battery for the Arduino Funnel(Fio)? I am trying to power an Arduino with a lead-acid battery which is being recharged by a solar panel. My concern is my ability to safely charge a large Li-Poly battery with a solar panel over a time span of years. From what I understand, Li-Poly batteries can be fairly volatile without the proper circuitry, and I’m concerned that in my application, the battery would explode and be a safety hazard. Can a different battery be used? And if so, how does that affect the operation of the Fio?

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For some reason with the Fio, if I just have a carbon zinc battery, 3V or 6V, touching the li-poly battery terminals, the Fio won't go on. If I do the same thing but have the mini usb for charging plugged into the computer, the charging light goes on for 3V but not 6V. My guess is that the fio is built for a li-poly battery which gives of a voltage of 3.7V (can be charged up to 4.2V) and will only turn on when the battery is within this voltage range. The thing I find odd is that in the specs for the fio, it mentions it can handle an input voltage(non-charging) of 3.35-12V. Should I be putting the input voltage somewhere else in order for the fio to turn on?(currently been testing with the + - sockets of the battery terminal)

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The Arduino Funnel(Fio) in Version 1.0 using this AS1322 fixed frequency DC-DC step-up converter operate from 0.65 to 5.0V to max 7V. http://www.yeint.ru/suppliers/ams/pdf/as1322_datasheet.pdf&ei=365fTPz1AojkuAPC6eSZDA&usg=AFQjCNGt7qpLziZ-PMeTbIUzBP1pcpVetg If you having V1.1 onward the Fio using MIC5205-3.3 which able to operate from 4-12V, the charging IC is MAX1555 having input voltage from 3.7 to 7V. You input positive to the Pin 1 of JP7 and Gnd to the Pin 1 of JP2 or JP3. If you input more then 7V to the sockets of the battery terminal it will damage the charging IC.

You have, it appears, 3 different threads asking basically the same question.

So, I have one for you. Why did you buy an Arduino that differs from the other Arduinos available only in the power source, when you do not want to use the power source it is designed to use?