Different comms baud rates between boards


Conflicting answers from the Google God, so I will ask here.

I have a Mega2560p communicating with several other sensors/boards at 9600 baud on Serial 1 and 2.
I would like to send some of that data over to an adjacent Uno, but that is running at 115200 baud.

I cannot change them to match, so can I have my spare Serial3 on the Mega set at 115200 and fire the data over to the Uno without affecting the other Serial channels?

They will not be operating at the same time (I can make sure of that)

What happened when you tried?


Well my thinking was why spend a hour taking something finished apart, wiring a link between the two boards, and then editing two sets of code to see if the concept worked, when someone with knowledge might be able to save me an evenings wasted work.

Possibly I am wrong then

Why is learning something "wasted evenings work"?


How about thinking about this logically? Why would each Serial device have its very own begin() call, to set the BAUD rate, if they were all LIMITED to running at the same BAUD rate? And wouldn't such an arbitrary requirement SERIOUSLY limit the usefulness of even having four Serial ports?

Ray L.