Different frequency libraries under same sketch

Hi all, just wanna ask a general question, is it possible to have two frequency libraries in one script..? but they are to be used one after another..
FYI, the libraries I am trying to use are RFM95 library and LMIC library..

Anyone has similar experience please give suggestion or advice below! Thanks.

correction: It should be called as sketches.. instead of script

Yes, it is possible.

FYI, Arduino programs are not called "scripts". They are called "sketches". If you use the term "script" to refer to Arduino programs then it will cause confusion.

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how do I make it possible..? do you mind to explain further? Because I tried before, it doesn't really work..

alright.. made correction

anyone can help on this..?

Please post links to the libraries you are using as well as your sketch that is trying to use them. A google search for RFM95 arduino library has many hits

If the goal is to control the same radio hardware using two different libraries in the same program, I see a disaster in the making.

I am planning to use then one after one.. Not simultaneously.. is it even possible..?

sry I overlooked this message.. here is the library I am using..

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