different pulse width and pause to one pin?

Hi guys, i'm new and excuse my stupid question. I want to use arduino to generate series of pulses with different width, for example, on pin1 first pulse width 200ms pause 200ms then two pulses with 100ms width and 100ms pause and again 200ms width/pause. I read a lot of manuals and tutorials and not find how to do that?

Welcome in Arduino land,

First there are no stupid questions, not asking questions is stupid.

Second don't use pin1 as it is part of the hardware serial to be used for uploading new sketches.

try this sample (not tested),

#define PIN 3

void setup()
  pinMode(PIN, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  doPulse(200, 200);
  doPulse(100, 100);
  doPulse(200, 200);
  while(1);  // effectively stop

void doPulse(long hi, long lo)
  digitalWrite(PIN, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(PIN, LOW);

You could also try a blink without delay style sketch,
where you monitor the time going by and write the pulses high/low based on the elapsed time.

void loop(){
timeNow = millis();
if (timeNow >=interval1){
pin1state = 1-pin1state;
digitalWrite (pin1, pin1state);
if (timeNow >=interval2){
pin2state = 1-pin2state;
digitalWrite (pin2, pin2state);

thanks guys, this weekend i make tests and write about results