Different sensors to detect small objecrts

Hello I'm trying to find a sensor a small one to sense small objects like a pet hamster or smaller that craws on the floor i know pir sensors are good for dogs and cats and People. But looking for something smaller then that i can sit lower to the ground. does anyone know of a such sensor that can be out there?

PIRs cover a large area but are not sensitive to small beasts. This would be the case with most broad area detectors. Can you use beam break sensors?


Hello thanks for the reply can pretty much use anything. It's just that want to detect small objects like rats or mice things like that. so it will be low to the ground

Can you give more information on the circumstances that you wish to detect the rodents?


Rodents tend to stick to edges/walls of rooms so maybe an IR beam break sensor to detect things moving in these areas.

I honestly don't know what to use. That is why I'm here it's most likely like rats or small pets it's for my brothers place.

We need more info on the actual requirements.


Well maybe like rats or hamsters smaller then cats who run around he has a cat so i guess can count that in too.

Is this project to to sense with intention of triggering something to catch the beast?

Why does he need to sense them. This can influence what sensor is best.


Hello honestly i have no clue he ask me to look into this because i like to make things and he thought i can make something while he was away that he has some traps around his place so if it gets caught whatever it is can let him know. That is the only information he gave me. personally i think hes a little more nutter then I'm LOL But needless to say he ask me to look into making him something. I guess i can put a small pir sensor low to the floor and see what happens.