difficulty installing drivers

i am trying to get evrything to work with my newly repaired windows 10 laptop. i have installed and used the ide and the arduinos themselves fine on 2 other laptops, but with this one, only my mega 2560 (and copy) work.

the uno is recognised as a device, but when attempting to install drivers, i browse to the file, and tell it to install the driver, but it seems that the drivers included in the .zip file on the downloads page arent being recognised as drivers by my computer, and it wont install. the message i get back is 'windows could not find drivers for your device' after being directed to the downloaded and unzipped file.

the nano works fine on other computers, but this computer doesnt even recognise that anything has been plugged in. nothing.

i have uninstalled, deleted, redownloaded, and reinstalled the ide (and made another attempt at installing the drivers through device manager), restarted the computer multiple times, checked the hardware still works on another comupter, to rule out them as the cause of the problem, tried all ports on the computer, and they all work only with the megas

im kinda stuck, i can normally handle installing drivers myself, but this seems to be beyond me. all help appreciated. thanks in advance

please note, i'm visually impared, and if your response contains images or anything not detectable by a standard screen reader, please give a text description to help me figure out what im looking at, thanks

Is it an Uno or a Nano? You called it an Uno first, then a Nano later.

Is the non-working board an official board made by Arduino, or is it made by another manufacturer? If the latter, then they often use a different USB to TTL serial adapter chip, which requires a different driver from the ones provided with the Arduino IDE.

both. i commonly use all 3 for different sizes of product. the issue is happening with both uno and nano. mega 2560 works fine though.

and i am having the problem with both arduino branded, elegoo, and other less common brands of uno, and all the nanos are copies. i put my last original nano in a project a few weeks ago.

i have been using the same arduinos on other computers fine, and most work without drivers added, i am only using those ones which work on multiple other computers without additional drivers than those downloaded with the IDE.

As we cannot be sure the other computers already had drivers for clones and the one you have problems with you said was repaired. It may be better to assume that you still need the drivers for clones.

Most use the CH340 / 341 drivers and they are available here.

Some clones also use the CP2102 drivers available from here.

Installing them both would be a sensible thing to do and will be fine. At least that way you are covered with the proper drivers for most clones.


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that has fixed a problem on my other laptop using a cheap clone i got in a second hand kit and couldnt find the drivers for.

meanwhile, back to the computer the original post was about, the driver installation failed, and the problem persists. i think there is a wider problem with this computer installing drivers, as ive just gone to try using my external CD drive, to try a cd which came with one of the clones i have been using, just in case there were drivers on there i hadn't tried, but the driver for the cd player failed to install as well (also working fine on other computers. existing drivers are updating, but any new one i try to install is failing.

thanks for your help, and if you can help further please do, but i think i will ask this question in a windows 10 forum.

for now, i'm gonna see if i can disable secure boot on this and see if i can boot it with ubuntu and make it work that way, as this is the easiest laptop top travel with.

problem fixed, for now, by disabling touchscreen, and uninstalling the drivers. this has resolved some other issues too, and apparently is a fairly common windows 10 with touchscreen error.

also worked fine with ubuntu (from USB) as well, in case anyone is interested.

I'm glad to hear you got it working. Thanks for taking the time to post an update. Enjoy! Per

I ALWAYS saw the device manager solution and it didn’t work for me. Cannot thank you enough for this solution