Difficulty with OR statements turning on an LED (for now)

So I’ve really been trying to get this darn thing to work! The goal is to get the LED to turn on when the photo-resistor registers a change in light or an input from a switch. Right now everything works perfectly fine except for

// Door Closing
if (photocellReading < 378 || manualDownReading == 0) {
digitalWrite (6, HIGH);

More specifically the manualDownReading part. If the light is off (because the photocell registers light > 400) triggering the manual Down Switch should turn the light on, but it doesn’t. I really have no idea why! Thanks for the help!

The attachment is a photo of my schematic.

The LED is a substitute for a motor I just find it easier to test because it’s visible.

int photocell = 0;

int upDetect = 11;
int downDetect = 9;

int manualUp = 10;
int manualDown = 3;

int upswitchReading;
int downswitchReading;
int photocellReading;
int manualUpReading;
int manualDownReading;

void setup(void) {
  pinMode (upDetect, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode (downDetect, INPUT_PULLUP);

  pinMode (manualDown, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode (manualUp, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode (6, OUTPUT);


void loop(void) {
  Serial.println("Up Switch Reading = ");
  upswitchReading = digitalRead(upDetect);
  Serial.println(upswitchReading, DEC);

  Serial.println("Down Switch Reading = ");
  downswitchReading = digitalRead(downDetect);
  Serial.println(downswitchReading, DEC);

  Serial.println("Manual Down Switch = ");
  manualDownReading = digitalRead(manualDown);
  Serial.println(manualDownReading, DEC);

  Serial.println("Manual UP Switch = ");
  manualUpReading = digitalRead(manualUp);
  Serial.println(manualUpReading, DEC);

  Serial.println("  Photocell reading = ");
  photocellReading = analogRead(photocell);

  // Door Closing
  if (photocellReading < 378 || manualDownReading == 0) {
    digitalWrite (6, HIGH);
  // Door Opening
  if (photocellReading > 400 || manualUpReading == 0) {
    digitalWrite (6, LOW);


Just FYI I've noticed that when i toggle the switch the LED does blink, very faintly, every 10 seconds or so.
So do the delays have something to do with it?