Digikey online schematic drawing program

I received my monthly Nuts and Volts magazine today and there was an article about schematic drawing programs. They do a brief run down on a few known programs like Eagle and expresspcb, but they also mentioned a new free on-line rather simple schematic only drawing program from Digikey.

It is free but you do have to register (or already have an account) with digi-key to be able to save or export drawings. It doesn't do pcb or simulation stuff, just schematic drawings, but it does allow one to create a BOM listing of digikey parts so that might be useful for some. I played with it a little and seems to be useable but I usually suck with drawing programs so can't really give you a valid review. Anyway here is the link if anyone is interested: http://www.digikey.com/us/en/mkt/scheme-it.html


It has been around for a few months ago. For online drawings, I prefer upverter.com.