Digilent wifi won't open a port on router when connected to laptop

Hi, this is my first post here.

I have a Digilent max32 board and have the digilent wifi module added.
I can connect to a wifi and gain an IP address. With the laptop connecting to the same wifi, I can not get any ports to open between them. From the router, I can ping both the module and laptop, but can not get them to communicate together. The module connects as a b and the laptop an n. I don't think this is an issue as the router will allow me to limit the signal to an b only and the module says it supports n.
However, if I use the hotspot on my phone, the setup works perfectly. I have tried numerous sit-ups and ports and the same issue happens. Also tried different routers.
I have posted this on the digilent four but no one seems interested in helping.

Hopefully I have given enough info. If not please ask me questions and I will try to answer to give as much of the problem I can.



Don't know if this is your problem, but my routers have a "default forwarding" setting in the wifi setup. If it is set to no, the client devices will not be able to communicate with each other on that localnet, only with the router.

Thanks for the reply,
I have played around with port forwarding, but will try again. As there is no information going out to the Internet, I have been told that the port forwarding should be an issue. I will have another look at this again.

That should have said "not been a problem" in regards to the port forwarding.
Have tried again with it anyway and seems to give me no joy.
I was also wondering, in regards to the name of the wifi module on the routers, it either comes up as "unknown" or just blank depending on the router.
Does anyone know if you can give the module a name and where the name is initialised. I can not see it anywhere.