Digipot AD5206-AD5162


I can manage the AD5206 Digital Potentiometer just fine in an Maxwell-Wien-Bridge application.
Using the example adapted to my HW;
Digital Pot Control
This example controls an Analog Devices AD5206 digital potentiometer.
created 10 Aug 2010
by Tom Igoe
Thanks to Heather Dewey-Hagborg for the original tutorial, 2005
Although its bandwidth limit is too low for my needs.

So I tried an AD 5162 that has a bandwitdh 4 times higher than the AD5206.

In the data sheet there is no major difference only the address is 1 bit instead of 3 bits but a note that redundant address bits are ignored. (The fewer channels [2] is not the issue).

Still this little bugger will not play at all.
I think the problem is related to the SPI.h library file not handling this chip.

It is beyond my skills to get it up and running please Advice and HELP.
Hopefully someone already has done the hard labor, my web searches gives me zero spoilers.

B. R. Erich.