Digispark Attiny85 attach USB thumb drive?

hi everyone

Ive not long had a few of these great little devices and have been playing around with them.

What i was wondering, is it possible to attach a usb thumb drive to the digispark? So when you plug in the digispark, not only would it run the code you have on it, but also display the files on the USB drive as it would if you inserted it normally. Like it is piggybacking on the digispark or vice versa.

alternativly is there any way to add storeage capacity to it so you can put files (pictures, videos etc) on to the digispark, to view whilst it also runs its code.


The Digispark can't function as thumb drive. And even it it could it would be very very very small.

You could place the Digispark in a box together with a USB hub and a thumb drive so they both get connected at the same time.

Hi thanks for your reply.

I didnt mean using the digispark as a usb drive itself. More along the lines of dismantling a usb thmb drive and soldering it to the digisparks usb connections so the thumb drive would be piggybacking off the digispark.

yes your suggestion sounds promising but i would like to try and keep the size as small as possible.

You can only connect one device to the data line of a USB port. So if you only want to power the Digispark you should be fine. But a Digispark in a thumb drive sounds a bit sketchy...

It sounds to me like he wants to have the digispark access files on the thumb drive.

That's not possible - the digispark uses a halfassed not-quite-compliant-but-close-enough way of making a device that doesn't have native USB act as a USB device called VUSB (essentially bitbanging USB). It can only act as a slave device, not a master that talks to other devices. It can only talk to another master (like a computer), not a slave device (like a USB drive or another digispark, etc).

If he wants to plug a single thing in, and get both the digispark and the USB thumb drive available on the computer, he would need to embed a USB hub in the device, and connect the digispark to one port and the thumbdrive to the other. You can buy tiny USB hub boards on Tindie (and possibly elsewhere), which are meant for integrating into projects like this - if that's what you want to achieve, one of those tiny USB hubs is the way to achieve it.

Thanks for your help DrAzzy

Those tiny usb hubs look great, i think that would be the way to go.

I dont suppose you know of a reseller in europe? i can only seem to find them in the USA.

I have only seen that tindie seller - though most tindie sellers do ship internationally.

I’ve never understood the need to do this (directly access a usb stick memory device). You can interface to a micro sd card with just about any Arduino. When it comes time to access that data from a pc, plug the micro sd card into usb sized card reader, place that into your pc’s USB port and away you go.

What advance does the usb memory stick provide, other than it’s just one piece of hardware rather than two?