Digispark atTiny85 issues with bootloader

Edit: Since everyone is assuming I'm going to be using this for malicious purposes: I'm not. I was going to upload Rickroll onto the device and use it on my friends at school. Plus, the Digispark is a cheap device, and so I figured it'd be a fun and easy starter project to get to know Arduino.

Hi. I bought a Digispark atTiny85 to try converting it into a USB Rubber Ducky. I installed the drivers from the Github, and added the Digispark board manager URL in Preferences.

When I plug in the Digispark, there's about one second when nothing happens. Then the plugin sound plays, and Windows immediately sends a message that says "USB device not recognized". Device manager says "device descriptor request failed". Attempting to install the drivers manually is no good- Windows says the best drivers are already installed.

If I compile a sketch, and plug in the Digispark when prompted, the IDE doesn't recognize the device. No console output, nothing.

I figured it could be an issue with the bootloader, so I plugged the Digispark into a USB port in front of my PC. The green light is solid, and the red one is blinking. I entered the IDE and clicked "Burn bootloader", only to be met with a "Error while burning bootloader: missing 'bootloader.tool' configuration parameter" error message.

I've spent an hour or so browsing forums on the issue but I can't find any fixes. People seem to be having the same issues, and just aren't getting responded to, and thus the issue gets closed.

System specifications:
Windows 10
Digispark ATTINY85
Unable to upload to the board at all

I'd really appreciate some help here. I've even scrolled through fifteen pages of a few Russians insulting each other on a Russian Arduino forum post of the issue- to no avail unfortunately.

I hope that you will find that members of this forum are reluctant to help you with your project that is possibly (probably?) used for malicious purposes.


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