Digispark Attiny85 keystroke command help

hello,first thanks for taking the time to read this and help me out!

I'm using a digispark with the "DigiKeyboard.h" library and integrating it with ANDROID via otg ,and my issue is im trying to find the keystroke commands to EXIT out of the keyboard once the courser is in a text window in a website,think of how you are typing when you are typing on your keyboard to reply to this topic,you can click out or simply press ESC but for android/the digikeyboard library its not that simple im trying to exit out of a text window then use a hotkey to tab around all the links on a page after then i will hit enter key to go to a new window,if you can help i will be forever grateful,i know the Leonardo usb lib is a lot easier to use and has better functionality and usability but i need it to be powered from android phone's usb otg port,thanks in advance! please let me know below if i can explain further to help anyone get a better understanding

In case anyone stubles upon this and wonders the same thing,arduino leonardo based chips have the superior library and one called "HID project" which can incorporste BOTH keyboard and mouse simultaniously which two separate libs in one sketch usually conflict with and wont compile

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