Digispark Attiny85 USB

Good afternoon

I'm having issues on showing the serial monitor using the attiny85 with digispark board usb connections. I can program it, but when i want to see the output thru the serial port it says "board in dev/ttyS0 not available ". There is no other option on the serial port besides dev/ttyS0.

Any help or advice apriciated :)


It does not support the serial monitor. You have to go software serial or one of several other solutions you’d find if you bothered to look. But at the point of needing to monitor serial, you might as well start buying bare ATTiny85 chips as they are easier to work with imo.

Thanks i gave a better look and found the digikeyboard.h library from it allow to serial communication, but it only writes in the file your cursor is present, and not to a certain path file.
I work on ubuntu linux.