Digispark not registering on macbook air

I bought a digispark off of eBay for $3 dollars but have had no luck uploading sketches to it. When i try to select the port it only gives me bluetooth ports. I heard that the usb ports on MacBooks are sunk in too much for the digispark to make contact? So i tried using an extension lead with no success. I'm sure its something simple because my teacher had the same problem but has got it working now with a new computer.


I have never used one, or have one, but maybe you should read this, particularly the part where it states the board doesn't need to be inserted before you click upload, as it will prompt you.



2012 MBP The USB ports on the 2012 MBPs (Retina and non) cause issues due to their USB3 controllers, currently the best work around is to use a cheap USB hub (non USB3) - we are working on future solutions. The hub on a Cinema display will work as well.

Thanks for your help however i have tried that several times. I have a usb 2.0 hub on the way so fingers crossed. If anyone knows anything about getting the driver software for the digispark? Thanks Gunt