Digista Switch Library (with debounce)

I'm going to try contributing libraries to the Arduino community since I feel simple stuff like that is lacking. I'm hoping for feedback.

I will focus on designs that I think optimize compilation of the library, by using templates. I'm starting with the simplest sensor possible: A push button switch. Since this is trivial for most, I'm adding a debounce as value add and a usage pattern mimicking the Serial library.

I hope to hear feedback on the concept, the documentation, the code, the presentation, the defaults, and if people think it can help reduce the traffic of newbee questions on how to use a switch, by making it a one liner.

If this generates some interest, and once I've cleaned up the concept, I plan to offer some other sensors with a similar format (ultrasonic sensor, accelerometers, addressable LEDs, etc). Since I use AtTiny85 extensively for my projects, the code would be functional on Arduino Uno, Nano, and AtTiny at minimum.