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Hello friends
I'm start to learn :sweat_smile: and could not find what I was looking for in the forums.
I want to create an interface using Arduino that transmits audio via Bluetooth, but I do not want to convert audio to analog, just connect the phone via Bluetooth and connect the output audio to the digital input of my amplifier.
My amplifier has both an optical digital audio input and an RCA, I think it would be easier to work with the same RCA port and connect easily with a coaxial cable.
Now my question is, is it possible to do this project with Arduino? If possible, please introduce the related topics and, if possible, the required hardware
(I know there are many devices that do this, but I can not buy for two reasons, one is that in our country it is difficult to access online stores and the second is that what you make yourself is something else)
sorry for bad english :innocent:

Please describe the SIGNAL the amplifier needs to see when using the RCA connector. Some documentation on the amplifier would help you determine the next step.

Then developing a system that streams digital audio from a Bluetooth source to a (most likely) S/PDIF output is not the most logical place to start.

Not sure what you mean by “something else”?

But what ever you mean you will have to buy specialist components, so if you can’t buy devices in your country, I doubt you could buy specialised components.

Tell me if I am wrong.

It would be a waste of everyone’s time to devise a solution only for you to come back and say you can’t get that components. It happens all the time here and is frustrating for both parties.

Sorry for bad English ,I'm using google translator

I see a lot of Arduino modules in local stores in my own country, but here it is not a device that gives Bluetooth input to SPDIF output, because there is no general use,

I meant that the device I want to build has a spdif output of type rca,

I have studied computer science and know how to work with C, C ++ and C # languages, but I am very interested in electronics and electronic modules. I mean learning to work with Arduino means learning Arduino by doing this project. Instead, I start with the part I need and learn the rest next to it.

One of the reasons why Arduino is so attractive to me is that you can use other people's projects for the part you need in your own project and no longer need to know the whole part in detail. I've seen a lot of projects that connect the phone via Bluetooth to the Arduino as well as send audio to the device, but eventually the audio becomes analog, In what I am going to build, the device only acts as an interface that transmits audio from the phone to the amplifier via Bluetooth and SPDIF.

I understand what you mean. I was in the same position as you are now. That's where my advice came from. One step at a time. I can do relatively complex projects now by the standards of what we generally see here on this forum, but I had to start simple, despite my background in information management, programming experience going back several decades including flirtations with assembler at age 15 or so, having designed tube amps since age 18, having briefly studied electrical engineering at university level etc. etc.
Trust me - get your led blink sketch to work first, and then build it from there. You're going into the deep end immediately which is going to be disappointing. Break it down.

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