Digital guage cluster

Been doing quite a bit of searching lately on this topic. Stumbled on several diy methods. Thinking nextion displays with one of the Arduino controllers. Don't know which would be appropriate or if I need two based off what I want to do.

The first important thing to mention is my guage cluster has dedicated signal wires not can data. I have a set of analog gauges but are a bit old school for an 01 car. I'm considering one large tach with 2 nextion displays on either side one acting bad a digital speedo/odemeter info center and the other be a oil pressure, water temp, voltage, and fuel level.

Seen versions of this done, but had several questions about boot time and capability of live streaming the above parameters in real time. And which hardware would be best suited.

This is my first entry into this type of project, but for the day job I configure and build DAQ systems soninhave experience converting signals into usable data. Just not on this platform


I'm not sure what you really want to accomplish.

You can use PWM for your analog gauges. You may need buffer amplifiers for generating high currents (>20mA) or voltage (12V?) from the 5V Arduino signals. Check and write down the full scale voltage/current of each gauge yourself. If these values are different, resistors can be inserted to trim each gauge to a common full scale voltage. For voltage > 5V you can use driver IC, like ULN2003 for 6 channels.

Digital displays come in various techniques, I don't think that you want to use multiple 6" TFT displays to replace analog gauges? For existing digital car boards visit the sites dedicated to using exactly your board.

Thanks for the response, so this car that has had the oe instrument panel replaced with a custom.guage panel. Most of the guages came with their own sending units (sensors) as opposed to using the OE sensors and instrument panel. Engine is using a stand alone harness that has dedicated out outs for gauges rather than relaying and the obd2 can communication.

Auto industry is already migrating to tft displays as guages and VIC's, so goal here is more modernization/customization. seems the HMI for the nextion offers a lot of customization with the ability to build gauge displays in photo chop. Started when I stumbled onto a forum thread where they deleted the old odemeter in place of an lcd odometer that could communicate with can data for ecm parameters other than trip and mileage in the form of an older calculator like displays (98-02 Camaro's and Firebirds specifically) mine is an 01 that is more of a project car.

Long way of saying I want to use an Arduino device to control two displays for sensors on the engine. I'm less interested in the touch screen functions, they just seem more user friendly to customize a display based on experience with data aqusition.

Does that make more sense?

Automotive stuff is full of model specific and proprietary hardware for which the data sheets may not be available to the public. Perhaps seek out a hacks/mods forum specific to your model of car. If you cannot obtain datasheets then you'll need to reverse engineer the sensor outputs and characterise any non-linearity in their behaviour.

No special problem if you want to build your own digital panel, based on commonly available displays. Take care to get the Arduino graphics libraries for your displays, they are required to show up anything.

Considering I want more than one display is it more appropriate to have a controller for each screen? And is one more suited to this work then the other?

Each display comes with its own controller, some are more and others are less clever.

You can start with one controller and find out how fast the displays are served. If you find the refresh too slow then you can start distributing tasks to additional controllers.