digital i/o pins

In the technical specification the Digital I/O Pins are 8. So which pins are used as a digital input or output?

Technical specification of what?

Any digital pin can be either an input or an output, if that's what you mean. Specify direction with pinMode().

But in MKR1000 Technical specification
it wrote Digital I/O Pins 8.

Presumably the ones marked 0-7 on the board.

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0-7 is digital

A0-A6 is analog

~ indicates pwm capable pin.

But led is blinking from 0 to 14 pins and A0 TO A6 PIN.
In datasheet of MKR1000 8 I/O pins.
So which pins are considered as a digital i/o pins?

@ tusharunjha

All the documentation you should need is HERE

The analogs are essentaily ADC's so can also be used as I/O IIRC.

Some pins can have multiple uses depending on how you call them in your sketch.

Bottom line they are all I/O in some form.

what does that little ac mark mean beside pins 2-5?

what does that little ac mark mean beside pins 2-5?

Do you mean the tilde symbol mentioned in answer #4 above?

Ok so that mark means its a PWM pin, but the page for the MKR1000 says that pins 0-8 are PWM pins so why does just pins 2-5 have that mark?