Digital Input from Piezos

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How can I get a piezo to work as a quick-firing temporary switch as a digi-in? Are there piezos that will spit out a 5v signal? Or, are there transistors that will run/close on the <5v voltage supplied by a normal piezo?

I’m using a simple analog circuit of a piezo with a 5.1v zener diode and a resistor in parallel running to the analog inputs. I need a lot more than 6 inputs, though, so I need to adapt the sensor to be digital input capable.


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i don't know if i understand the question right, but why don't you use the piezo like a normal pushbutton ??

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The common piezo doesn’t put out 5v, so it won’t be read by the digital inputs as ON. Switches and pushbuttons relay a full 5v, on the other hand.

The piezo is ussed instead of a switch because I’m placing it on rubber-covered wooden panels of a percussion pad. I need more than 6 inputs, so I must go digital, and “cranking up” the signal from a piezo, or getting a bigger or whatnot piezo that WILL put out 5v, is the only way to do that.


try a search of the forum, you will find many posts on piezo's. If you want to alter the function form momentary to on/off, you could do this easily in software....